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Call for Papers

The 12th International Forum on Strategic Technology 2017

May 31 - June 2, 2017
University of Ulsan, Korea

Call for Papers

  • General Chair
    • Chi-Mo Park (UOU,Korea)
  • General Co-Chair
    • Kee-Ho Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Hong-Rae Cho (UOU,Korea)
    • Soon-Yong Yang (UOU,Korea)
    • Evgeny Tsoy (NSTU,Russia)
    • Roman Ostvald (TPU,Russia)
    • Zhaohui Xi (HUST,China)
    • Baatar Ochirbat (MUST,Mongolia)
  • Organizing Chairs
    • Jae-Shin Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Sang-Wook Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Sang-Bock Cho (UOU,Korea)
    • Yong-Soo Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Jin-Suk Chung (UOU,Korea)
    • Sodnomdorj Dari (MUST,Mongolia)
  • Organizing Co-Chairs
    • Vadim Nekrasov (NSTU,Russia)
    • Dorjderem Byambasuren (MUST,Mongolia)
    • Yulia Falkovich (TPU,Russia)
    • Jiyong Jin (HUST,China)
    • Ik-Keun Yoo (UOU,Korea)
    • Ki-Ryoung Kwon (PKNU,Korea)
    • Suk-Hwan Lee (TMU,Korea)
  • Organizing Secretary
    • In-Soo Koo (UOU,Korea)
  • Technical Program Committee
    • Jin-Chun Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Young-Il Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Ryu, Kwang-Sun (UOU,Korea)
    • Ui-Pil Chong (UOU,Korea)
    • Jong-Myon Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Myung-Kyun Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Sang-Wook Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Geun-Sik Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Kyoung-Kwan Ahn (UOU,Korea)
    • Park, Hong-Seok (UOU,Korea)
    • Hong-Hee Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Hyeon-Cheol Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Byung-Sam Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Byeong-Kyu Lee (UOU,Korea)
    • Ik-Keun Yoo (UOU,Korea)
    • Jin-Suk Chung (UOU,Korea)
  • International Advisory Committee(IAC)
    • Vadim Nekrasov (NSTU,Russia)
  • Local Advisory Committee(LAC)
    • Ik-Keun Yoo (UOU,Korea)
    • Myung-Kyun Kim (UOU,Korea)
    • Kang-Hyun Jo (UOU,Korea)
  • Local Arrangements Secretaries
    • Joo-Young Um (UOU,Korea)
    • Kyeong-Bae Kim (UOU,Korea)


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The International Forum on Strategic Technology 2017 (IFOST-2017), organized by the University ofUlsan (UoU), will be held from May 31 to June 2, 2017, in Ulsan, South Korea. IFOST is a unique and identifiable forum, not only as an international conference to link academia, but to also facilitate cooperation between academia and industry, including policy makers on strategic technology.


Ulsan is located along the southeast coast in S. Korea. Its population is 1,160,000. Ulsan is 1,060㎢ in area and is a city that accounts for 15.2% of industrial output in S. Korea (one of four production cities in Asia). Ulsan has the leading industrial cluster for the automotive,shipbuilding, and petrochemical industries. Ulsan ranksfirst in the automotive and shipbuilding industries, and second in the petrochemical industry in terms of production in S. Korea. In addition, Ulsan is a city with beautiful mountains and clean, clear rivers beside a deep blue sea. Ulsan has been renovated as an eco-friendly city where development and preservation have existed in harmony for about 40 years


Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings of IFOST-2017, and will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore. 


Submission Procedures

Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit a full paper, not exceeding 5 pages of A4-paper size, which should be uploaded in IEEE double column format through the EDAS conference system. If you do not have an EDAS account, you have to create an account. The official language in the conference is English. Note that extra pages will be charged additionally.


Organizers will assist you to book the desired accommodation in the recommended SHILLA STAY ULSAN Hotel, which is just about 8km away from the University of Ulsan. Business twin rooms will cost around  USD 90 (KRW 100,000)  per night for two persons and single room will cost around  USD 75 (KRW 85,000) per night when breakfast is included.


For more informaion on the recommended accommodation, please see

  • Regular author(IFOST/IEEE member) USD 220
  • Regular author(Non-member) USD 270
  • Regular student author(IFOST/IEEE member) USD 120
  • Regular student author(Non-member) USD 170
  • Extra paper presentation (per paper) USD 120
  • *Note: One author per paper should pay an Author Registration fee in order to publish the paper * 1
Important Dates:
  • Paper submission: March 15, 2017
  • Paper acceptance notification: April 19, 2017
  • Camera-ready paper submission / Registration fee payment: May 2, 2017


Questions on papers submission :                          

Questions and comments on other operating matters :

Tel: +82 (52) 259-2124, Fax:+82 (52) 277-3522

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